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Fotos del proceso de construcción de otros constructores

View The Ala Album


Aquí encontrarás fotos del ala

View The Fuselaje Album


Aquí encontrarás fotos del fuselaje

View The Timones Album


Aquí encontrarás fotos tanto del timón de dirección como del de profundidad

View The Motor Album


Aquí encontrarás fotos del motor

View The Instrumentación Album


Aquí encontrarás fotos de la instrumentación

View The Tren de aterrizaje Album

Tren de aterrizaje

Aquí encontrarás fotos sobre el tren de aterrizaje

4 Responses to Fotos del proceso de construcción de otros constructores

  1. Vincenzo

    Hi !

    I’m about to finish an old project, much like you.
    But you seem to work on an industrial kit. Who manufactured it ?
    I guessed the P 130 could be built from plans only !
    Is there any parts source available ?
    Please advice !


    • Yago

      Dear Vincenzo:
      My project is completely from scratch. I just bought the project already started from another builder who initiated some years ago. I expect to finish it some year in the near future 😉
      No kits are available for the P130. The only part available is the canopy, which is offered by a French company, but I don’t remember the name. I will have to ask to some colleagues to give me the contact info when I need the canopy.

  2. Vincenzo

    Dear Yago,
    hope the project is advancing steadily (mine freezed, overwhelmed by complexity…).
    Did you have the opportunity to get the coordinates of the french company providing the canopy ?

    Thank you !


    • Yago

      Dear Vincenzo:
      I have just moved to a new site (Valencia) and I expect to retake my project soon. I haven’t got the contact for the canopy yet but I will as soon as possible.

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